Welcome to varlock.com

Varlock.com is a placeholder for some of my projects; most of them are related to CRUX (a Linux distribution).

On may 2006 I reduced this site to one page since I really have little time to keep fancy content up to date.

CRUX Projects

pkg-get is a binary package management tool for CRUX Linux. Here's a PDF man page
prt-utils, a collection of port-related scripts for the CRUX Linux distribution.
sports is a command line tool to manage ports/packages for the CRUX Linux distribution. (discontinued)
uCRUX, a port of CRUX Linux linked against uClibc. (on hold)

Misc Projects

SLiM is a Simple Login Manager for X11, derived from Login.app
DoTo, a very simple (and incomplete) To-Do list manager written in python and and GTK
foxrun, basic run dialog written with the FOX Library
KAlloy, A clean style for KDE 3.x. Inspired by the Java Alloy Look And feel by Incors. Sandro Giessl has taken maintainership.

WM Patches

A couple of patches to enable "right-click to shade" (I simply love that feature) for the following Window Managers: blackbox 0.7x, WindowMaker 0.92.x.

This patch adds a new gradient type to blackbox 0.70.1, splitvertical. And here is a screenshot of the above gradient in action.

University Projects

PeT is a multi-platform editor, simulator and analysis tool for Petri Nets. No official release yet.
IDM Editor, an Eclipse plugin for modeling and editing of Inteactive Dialogue Model (IDM) diagrams. No official release yet.


A few themes I put together for blackbox and IceWM. Images here


Unsorted images, screenshots and photos are available here.

About & Contacts

Simone Rota, born 1979, living near Bergamo (Northern Italy). Email: sipq@varlock.com remove the "q"!
My PGP key id is 0x91C81A1E, also available here